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Chase White


Chase White

Chase made his way to Los Angeles in 1997. The boom was an amazing time of growth for the entertainment industry, and Chase worked his way up from PA to Production Manager, ending up in commercials and on-air comedy specials.
During summer downtime to make supplemental income, Chase began recycling beverage containers for live events and music festivals. Using the CRV refunds to mentor students to make films, he traveled to travel Costa Rica & Brazil, teaching the youth about filming, editing, and the world around them.
In 2012 he began Recycled Movie Sets as an experiment to keep scenery, and construction materials out of the landfill. With a philanthropic heart and mindset, Chase built his company by hiring challenged individuals, offering a place of work, on the job training, and new skill sets. With continuous hard work and dedication, has kept over 12,000 set walls out of the landfill, and helped over 3000 projects come to life.
Chase is honored to be the Vice President of Immersive Art Collective, offering his company Recycled Movie Sets as a Sponsor, in addition to occupational and vocational opportunities within the collective.

The Fast Company story about set waste and reuse just published:

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