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Cherie LaSala


Cherie LaSala

Cherie has worked in education for 15 years and has been working during recent years as a resource specialist for teens in grades 6-12. She is faced with many challenges when working with students who have learning differences, but the most prevalent is convincing them that they have value and something to contribute. Most of them deal with depression and anxiety because their learning style does not fit into the mainstream educational system. Cherie meets with these students in both private and group sessions to identify their strengths and learning style, create organizational strategies that increase executive functioning, and help them identify their gifts and talents. The reward is seeing the look of joy on their faces when they accomplish something they never believed was possible and to watch them grow in confidence and mental health. She is excited to support the staff of IAC in reaching an even broader audience through the arts made available by generous donors from all around the world.

The Fast Company story about set waste and reuse just published:

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