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Francesca Bifulco

Artist Ambassador

Francesca Bifulco

Francesca Bifulco is a Los Angeles-based multimedia artist from Pæstum, Southern Italy. Bifulco’s distinctive line work channels a graphical quality through her primary medium of painting, crafting a personal language that carries through large-scale canvases, textural burnt wood compositions and multidimensional installations. Bifulco’s subjects have spanned from crowds and the force of their plurality, to individuals affected by social media culture, to men playing cards in a conflicted and underrepresented neighborhood of Naples, Italy. In her current works she processes the effects of personal loss through preservation of memory, delves into the sociopolitical awakening in the US, and celebrates an iconic symbol of her adoptive city of Los Angeles. Her approach to the different narratives is permeated with an anthropological perspective essential to her overall creative process. Bifulco is a member of the multidisciplinary artist duo, Card 0 Collective, and the LA based-women lead IAC (Immersive Art Collective), a coalition that empowers disadvantaged youth through creative outlets.

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