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Kaylah Pantaleon

Director of Community Outreach

Kaylah Pantaleon

Kaylah Pantaleón (she/her) is an actor/writer/producer born and raised in southwest Yonkers, New York to Dominican-American parents Marino and Raysa Pantaleón. She is an active volunteer giving service to the LA Mission. Kaylah first put pen to paper at around 5 years of age, writing letters to her father who was sentenced to 12 years in state prison. The experience left her scarred but would later fuel her creativity and open her eyes to the racial injustices in the predominantly Black and Brown neighborhood in which she grew up. She penned these stories in a short essay for Oprah’s National High School Essay Contest and would become one of 50 finalists to appear on the Oprah Show in 2006. During her years at Emerson College in Boston, she learned to use her love of storytelling to enhance her skills as an actor. In 2015, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue both passions and has since appeared in numerous commercials and short films, launched her own production company, La Artista Productions, published a book titled, Oprah Girl—her first memoir, and is a Writer's Digest 2020 Award Winner. The young creative has only ever imagined bringing joy to others while also advancing humanity through the arts and is incredibly grateful to be living her dream every day.

The Fast Company story about set waste and reuse just published:

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