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Rachel Adams


Rachel Adams

Rachel Adams was born in Stoughton, Massachusetts, where she spent most of her teenage years in and out of residential and group home settings. With no formal education, Rachel moved herself to California at age 18, where she built her career with a variety of entrepreneurial endeavors (including cosmetics, production, and real estate) before finally landing on her passion project of designing and operating escape rooms and immersive theater experiences, which she has been doing consistently since 2015. Recently inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic to give back to those in need, Rachel founded the Immersive Arts Collective in 2021. With IAC, Rachel aims to bridge the gap between her personal passion for the arts and her desire to give back to the youth and marginalized communities in circumstances similar to those of her upbringing, with the hope that art might be able to provide for them what it has provided for her.   

The Fast Company story about set waste and reuse just published:

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