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Gig From Hell

Oct 24, 2021

GIG FROM HELL blends classic horror imagery and humor, perfect for guests seeking a lively Halloween party atmosphere.

Welcome to Lake of Fire, the hottest rock club in Hell! Here you'll rub elbows with the worst sinners in history, party with the most influential demons in the scene, and—above all—enjoy live rock music from today's most freshly underground acts! Tonight's act is so fresh, in fact, that even they don't know who they are, where they came from, how they got to the club...or if they'll ever be allowed to leave. Clubgoers will join the band on their journey of discovery through the depths of hell itself. But be warned: like any good night out, things will only get hotter as the night gets darker.

GIG FROM HELL is half rock show and half immersive theater experience, and the latest offering from Immersive Art Collective (IAC). Guests will enjoy live music, roam the space, and interact with hellacious characters both between and during sets.

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