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Opening Night of Bite: Surprise

Feb 13, 2022

Opening Night of Bite: Surprise! Runs Feb 12th-Mar 5th

"Can you keep a secret? Your favorite vampire family's lecherous Uncle Leofwine has finally returned from his travels, and just in time for his 1,222nd birthday! In order to celebrate, Countess Yizidora is welcoming the mortal public into the Den once again to attend a surprise party in his honor!

Enjoy specialty cocktails, birthday desserts, and entertainment as you mingle with the family and their bizarre, beloved Uncle. Just make sure you wrap your neck up as tightly as your presents before proceeding: the birthday rituals of vampires are millennia old, and may lead you down stranger paths than you've experienced before…

“BITE: Surprise!” is a horror-comedy immersive event from Immersive Arts Collective. The show will run 90 minutes in length, and specialty cocktails and desserts are inclusive."
Running Feb 12th-March 5th

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