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Shane Izykowski

Art Mentor

Shane Izykowski (he/his), born Oh Jin Kwon in Taegu, South Korea, was adopted at the age of two. Living in Northeastern Pennsylvania for most of his life, Shane has dabbled in many different mediums and art forms. He is mostly self-taught and has spent a great deal of time experimenting with music, painting, drawing, 3D and interactive sculpture, special effects and makeup, filmmaking and directing, writing poetry and scripts, costuming, mural work, and photography. He's owned his own photography business, was the Art Director for a community art gallery for two years, founded Project Street Art in 2014, and won awards for short films and community service.

In 2015, Shane drove over 3,000 miles to San Francisco, CA to live and work. During his time in San Francisco, he worked as a set designer, production designer for films, curator, Museum Preparator for the SFO Museum, and the Lead Artist for Madame Tussauds SF. Shane now works as a full-time painter, sculptor, and podcaster (Drawing From Experience Podcast) and is living and creating in Los Angeles, CA.

Shane Izykowski
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