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Yuki Inoue

Art Mentor

Yuki Inoue (she/her) is a taiko instructor based in Los Angeles, CA.

She has been performing taiko drums with her performing group, LA Taiko Ichiza since 2004 for various cultural events such as Dodgers Japan Night, LA Marathon, and US Sumo Open.

As the taiko instructor, she can teach different types of classes and workshops; a single taiko tryout class for beginners, a cultural lecture, and an advanced workshop, to name a few. She has experience teaching kids and adults with or without special needs.

Taiko has been always there for her in the best and worst times of her life. It is a music, exercise, communication tool, and a great stress reliever. She is looking forward to sharing this incredible art form with anyone who is interested.

Yuki Inoue
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