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Brett Gustafson

Collective Member

Brett (he/they) is an actor, dancer, burlesque performer, and loves to work with special FX makeup.

Originally from Weymouth, Massachusetts, his desire of performing and creating stemmed from his love of Halloween as a child. Growing up, he was fascinated with cinema and the film industry which made him even more passionate about creating and entertaining.

He started performing in theater at Massasoit Community College and knew he had found his niche. Exploring other courses like radio, he got into voice acting and broadcasting.

Brett has been involved in the haunted house industry for over 10 years. From scaring people to creating costumes and makeup applications, it's a continued scene he loves to partake in.

To further his creative endeavors, he moved to Los Angeles in 2013. There, he has gotten a foothold in the City Of Angels and has been exploring and networking within the variety of artistic avenues widely present. From working on large scale movie sets, to small black box theaters, conventions, cabaret clubs, nightlife, street performing and pop up events, there is no shortage of ways for him to express his craft.

Brett Gustafson
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