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Our Mission

Our Mission

Immersive Art Collective (IAC) is founded on the belief that immersing in the creative process is a powerful catalyst for social change. We view immersive art as an empowering and transformative opportunity for individuals from diverse backgrounds; both audiences and creatives.


By bridging economic, racial, and social divisions, Immersive Art Collective's mission is to enrich individuals through arts workshops, essential resources, job opportunities, engaging community programs and events, and foster partnerships with youth and social service organizations. 
With a heavy focus on arts engagement with underserved communities and youth, our commitment is to provide a safe space for expression, build equity, instill purpose and healing through the arts. 

Diverisity, Equity & Inclusion

Equity &

IAC strives to create and support arts programs, events, and initiatives rooted in diversity, equity, and inclusion. We recognize the differences between people, understanding that diverse perspectives and experiences strengthen our community. We strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone can feel respected, heard, and valued. We actively seek out new voices from underrepresented communities and prioritize creating equitable access to our programs and resources for all community members. By valuing our differences, we create a welcoming space to explore and appreciate the power of art.​​

IAC recognizes our responsibility as an organization to challenge the systemic inequities that exist in our society and to take action to create an environment of belonging, respect, and inclusion. We are committed to continually learning and engaging in dialogue with various perspectives to understand how to better foster creativity, equity, and collaboration within our local community. We welcome passionate advocates who share our commitment to our mission of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the arts. We invite all members of our community to join us in this effort.

About Us

About Us

Immersive Arts Collective (IAC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, founded and led by a team with professional backgrounds that span the arts, entrepreneurship, and social work/advocacy. 

We aim to foster imagination, learning and artistic nourishment to creative minds of all backgrounds. Through collaboration with devoted artists, we produce our own unique performances, events, workshops, educational courses and arts programs with an emphasis on outreach and accessibility to underserved communities and youth.


We believe creativity to be a necessary force for everyone. Through our work, we aim not only to entertain and inspire others, but also to provide resources for everyone to unlock their own unique creative voice. 


All donations and proceeds we raise goes towards providing accessible resources, arts programs, and job opportunities for creatives, youth and underserved communities.


We believe that art has the power to change the world.
By providing resources, arts education, and job opportunities to creatives, youth and underserved communities, we are empowering the next generation to find their artistic voice and make a difference.
Join us on our mission to create equity where everyone has access to the arts.

Board & Staff

Our Passionate Team

Immersive Art Collective is honored to have such a dedicated and creative team to help support our mission.

Board of Directors

Rachel Adams

Founder, President of the Board

CEO, Hudson Productions

Alfredo Hernandez

Secretary of the Board

President, Hernandez Govt. Affairs

Francesca Bifulco

Member of the Board


Elif Savas

Vice President of the Board

Performer, UCLA Medical

Chase White

Member of the Board

CEO, Recycled Movie Sets

Cherie LaSala

Treasurer of the Board

Teen Resource Specialist, USD

Nick Salas

Member of the Board

The Disney Co.


Mary Elkhoury

Tosca Minotto

Community Manager / Performer

Lillie Bauer

Event Crew / Costume Design

Joe Garza

Marketing Manager

Mitchell Pratt

Courtney Brechemin


Ian Heath

Fundraising Manager / Performer

Alex Schetter


Arnold Horn

Constance Jiang


Jack Posey


Kai Yamamoto


Jonica Patella


Melanie Quinto Nelson


Maja'e Perrier

Crew / Performer

Libby Rose


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