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At IAC, we believe passion breeds purpose.

IAC empowers young creatives through collaborative arts workshops, theatrical experiences, and event productions; introducing a variety of art forms which provides a safe space for expression, encourages healing, and supplies skills to foster careers in the arts, entertainment, and event production industry. 

Our aim is to foster imagination, learning and artistic nourishment to creative minds of all backgrounds. Through collaboration with devoted artists, we produce our own unique performances, events and workshops with an emphasis on outreach and accessibility to underserved communities.


We believe creativity to be a necessary force for everyone. Through our work we aim not only to entertain and inspire others, but also to provide resources for everyone to unlock their own unique creative voice. 


All donations and proceeds from our events go directly towards providing accessible educational and practical opportunities for underprivileged communities. We thank you for your help in achieving this goal.

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The combination of consistency and experiential learning has a therapeutic effect on our youth. I have witnessed firsthand awareness, understanding, and self-confidence through their work with IAC... 

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 IAC simultaneously provides both variety and consistency that special needs youth of color need. Our youth have explored so many different disciplines with various professionals at IAC workshops — professionals who look like them, connect them with their own cultures, teaching them to celebrate others, and setting tangible examples for their possibilities.

Amy Skarb, Residential Counselor
Project Six Group Home, The Help Center

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Who We Are

Create. Collaborate. Empower

Immersive Arts Collective (IAC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, founded and led by a team with professional backgrounds that span the arts, entrepreneurship, and social work/advocacy. 

What We Do

We bring diverse backgrounds together and collaborate with Creatives to:

Produce experimental performance productions out of our home venue, "The Count's Den", in Downtown Los Angeles.


Re-invest proceeds from these productions into various outreach projects and provide free arts programs for underserved communities, with a heavy focus on at-risk youth.


Becoming an accessible community resource of collaboration, networking, work experience, and skill development for creators and creatives of all skill levels and walks of life.


We believe

Art Empowers.


Art is Survival. 

Art is Community.

Art Matters.

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Why We Do It

We envision an inclusive and creative world where creators from all walks of life easily find community, support, supplies, and career opportunities; where every voice is amplified and no one slips through the cracks.



IAC primarily operates out of a dedicated venue in the heart of Los Angeles, "The Count's Den".

The space has been used for many artistic purposes, including live performances, exhibitions, film shoots and much more.

Spaces are defined by the stories within them. What story would you like to tell?

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