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immersive arts center los angeles

Immersive Theatre

With over 7 years of immersive theatre leadership, IAC offers intensive immersive theatre programs from audience management, performance classes,  word building, and storytelling.


IAC offers collaborative projects in film in unique and interactive ways; from "choose your own adventure'' movies, to mixed media live shows with interactive projections, IAC is partnered with talented filmmakers and collaborators.


IAC has a broad range of music programs with talented professional s in the industry. Learn to audio mix, use a soundboard, design theatrical soundscapes, and how to design sounds to take your storytelling to the next level. 

Alternate Reality Games 

IAC brings live entertainment, theatre and storytelling to audiences virtually by designing theatrical worlds outside the theatre and into the audience's real life where they get to experience the art through scavenger hunts, online forums, choose-you-own-adventure games and more. Learn how to create these games and worlds. 

Event Production

IAC is known for unique and sureal events, but not only can you learn to perform in events, we offer programs and courses to teach you the ins-and-outs of event production logistics, audience management and safety,  building production schedules, hiring and casting performers, and much more. 

Movement & Performance

IAC mentors are versed in the art of martial arts, dance, silks, burlesque and more. We have programs that teach movement expression not only for shows, but also for healing and self awareness. 

At IAC, we are committed to providing art programs that foster creativity and build meaningful connections within the community. Our innovative approach to arts education involves inviting creatives from all backgrounds to collaborate on creative projects. We believe in creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all individuals, regardless of experience or background, and our programs are designed with this goal in mind.


Through our collaborative approach, participants have the opportunity to develop skills and hone their creative abilities while connecting with each other. Our programs range from interactive classes to themed workshops and public events, which all aim to inspire a passion for the arts, promote a sense of community while fostering careers in the arts and entertainment industry. 

Our Programs

Be the mentor you wish you had as an artist.

IAC is actively looking for art mentors to share their craft with youth and the community at large. If you would like to sign up as an arts mentor, please click the button below to submit an application and a member from our team will be in touch.

What's Up at IAC

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