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IAC Programs

At IAC, we are committed to providing art programs that foster creativity and build meaningful connections within the community. Our innovative approach to arts education involves inviting creatives from all backgrounds to collaborate on creative projects. We believe in creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all individuals, regardless of experience or background, and our programs are designed with this goal in mind.


Through our collaborative approach, participants have the opportunity to develop skills and hone their creative abilities while connecting with each other. Our programs range from interactive classes to informative courses, public events, exploring careers in the arts, to receiving accessible resources which rising creatives need access to, which all aim to inspire a passion for the arts, promote a sense of community, self discover,  while fostering careers and entrepreneurship in the arts. 

kids in program

Creative Kiddos

Youth Enrichment Program

Our youth enrichment program empowers the next generation of artists by providing them with immersive, hands-on workshops that transcend the boundaries of traditional education. 

Each workshop is a journey into the heart of a unique artistic discipline, ensuring that our creative community remains as diverse and dynamic as the talents it nurtures.

We also partner with local youth organizations in Los Angeles for events, celebrations, and back to school programs. Through these collaborations, we strive to provide enriching arts education experiences that empower the next generation; sparking imagination, fostering self-expression, and nurturing collaboration among participants.


Ready Set GO!

IAC Set Rental & Design Program

At IAC Set Rentals & Design, our mission is to offer full-service production set rentals, transportation, and innovative design solutions at an affordable cost. We are dedicated to supporting aspiring creatives in film, TV, photography, and theatre, helping them bring their artistic visions to life. 

In partnership with Recycled Movie Sets, the Ready Set Go! program, creatives have affordable access to:

  • Raw set walls and materials

  • Fabricated set displays at hourly rentals,
    photoshoots, films, content, etc.

  • Install and labor

  • Lighting and sound equipment rentals

  • Truck and trailer transportation

  • Set design and prop-making 

  • Production management 

  • Free/low-cost materials

This program is for up-and-coming creatives, startups, and low-budget productions.

set design
set design

Artist Mentorship Program

The artist mentorship program provides a unique platform for individuals to explore their creative passions and refine their artistic skills. With a focus on fostering both technical proficiency and personal artistic growth, this program pairs aspiring artists with experienced mentors who offer guidance, support, and inspiration. We teach various courses such as theatrical and event production, filmmaking, sound and lighting design, and STEM in theatre. Through one-on-one sessions and group workshops,  participants have the opportunity to learn, experiment, and engage with a variety of artistic mediums and styles.

Creative Entrepreneurship Program

This program combines the spirit of creativity with the discipline of business acumen, giving creators the tools to realize their own immersive ventures. Professional experts share their insights and guidance to aid new artists in implementing the needed tools to form a business. With the help of these creative leaders and experts, learn essential skills in areas such as marketing, finance, strategy. This program is a launchpad for artistic vision, ensuring that the entrepreneurial spirit of the creative world can thrive and make a lasting impact.

Immersive Theatre Program

Under the guidance of seasoned theatre professionals, participants learn the intricacies of immersive storytelling and world building. This program encourages creative experimentation, pushing the boundaries of traditional theatre to create unforgettable, participatory experiences. We also teach the ins-and-outs of event production logistics, audience management and safety,  building production schedules, hiring and casting performers, and much more. With an emphasis on collaboration and pushing artistic boundaries, the Immersive Theatre Program fosters a new generation of theatre-makers who breathe life into immersive narratives, captivating audiences in ways that transcend conventional theatrical norms.

Job Opportunity Program

We are dedicated to creating and building relationships with our local artists in the Los Angeles area. Our job program provides well-playing job opportunities for artists who are seeking opportunities between bookings. We have opportunities for bartending, security, waitstaff and much more. We also sponsor job education for our artists - we will cover the costs of a bartending license or security cards. We believe in giving security to our artists and helping them flourish whilst encouraging their passions and ongoing creative careers.

Venue Rental Program

With a strong commitment to fostering creativity within the community, IAC offers affordable venue rental services to cater to the needs of beginner and low-income creatives. We understand that space is often a limiting factor for emerging artists, which is why we provide affordable venue rental services for two distinct spaces that cater to a wide range of artistic needs. Artists will be able to rent the “Count’s Den” space - a fully furnished Victorian gothic space, or the Immersive Arts Center, a blank canvas perfect for pop-ups, gallery events, and rehearsals.  We believe that creativity should never be hindered by financial constraints, and we're committed to helping artists of all backgrounds bring their visions to fruition.


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The Immersive Arts Collective is more than just a creative force; it's a driving engine of positive change. Every ticket sold, every performance attended, is a brushstroke in a larger masterpiece of social impact. The Immersive Arts Collective stands as a shining example of how art can be a catalyst for change, turning creativity into a powerful force for good in our communities.

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