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How IAC Uses Immersive Theatre to Promote Workplace Camaraderie

Corporate team outings are a great way to take a break from the daily grind of the office and give your employees a chance to blow off steam.

However, one of the biggest benefits of taking a trip away from the workplace is team building. According to Indeed, some of the advantages of team building include increased productivity, enhanced creativity, boosted morale, and more collaboration, among many others.

It turns out, when you give your team the opportunity to get to know each other and participate in some engaging challenges together in a more informal environment, they bring that positive energy back into the workplace.

Because of the pandemic, so many of us became accustomed to interacting solely through email, text, and other messaging platforms. This impersonal, remote style of working has led to us developing unfounded biases about one another, robbing us of any sense of community.

Company outings are the perfect way to cut through the isolation, and help you and your coworkers cultivate camaraderie.

Popular outing ideas include outdoor activities like hiking and camping; creative classes and workshops; competitive experiences like bowling and go kart racing; or even going to the local watering hole during Happy Hour.

These are crowd-pleasers, but why not treat your team to something more interactive, memorable, and uproarious?

That’s where immersive theatre comes into play.

With an immersive theatrical experience, you and your coworkers don’t just watch a show – you all become a part of it.

As the term implies, immersive theatre is when the audience engages with the environment and performers around them, resulting in an experience that’s completely unique every time as each interaction results in a new twist or turn in the blossoming storyline.

And in Los Angeles, there is no shortage of immersive theatrical productions to explore.

Take, for example, the Immersive Art Collective. Our process is simple: Tell us what kind of experience you think your team would best respond to, and we create a show that’s tailor-made to give your company a hell of a time. During the planning process, we’ll ask for fun and quirky details about your team members that our live actors will use during their improvised performances.

Does your marketing person like to correct people’s grammar all the time?

Does the receptionist have a Southern accent?

Does your assistant manager start every Zoom call with a corny dad joke?

Tell us, and we’ll incorporate these idiosyncrasies into your experience.

What better way to let their hair down and have a little fun at each others’ expense outside the corporate confines of cubicles and break rooms? (This may also be the only time you’ll be able to laugh at your boss without getting in trouble with HR.)

But in all seriousness, our solution brings together a variety of artistic elements into an interactive production that will help your employees break the ice and build connections outside of the workplace, resulting in long-term positive effects for the culture of your company.


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