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IAC is the product of outsiders - those of us who feel neglected or alienated by the established arts world, eager to find something that truly does speak both to and for us.  We endeavor to create unusual and intimate art, with a focus on providing learning opportunities and work experience to those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Through our work with local charities and organizations, we aim to offer unique and empowering creative outlets for those who may otherwise slip through the cracks. We want to hear every voice.



Inner Pieces

Running:  Thursday, Feb. 17th 2022

A 50 minute abstract, intimate immersive experience exploring the nature of identity through thought-provoking storytelling, performance art, and character interaction with an LGBTQIA2-S+ lens.


Ages 16+ 


BITE:  Surprise!

Running: Feb. 17th - March 5th, 2022
21+ only

Can you keep a secret? Your favorite vampire family's lecherous Uncle Leofwine has finally returned from his travels, and just in time for his 1,222nd birthday! 

Enjoy specialty cocktails, birthday desserts, and entertainment as you mingle with the family and their bizarre, beloved Uncle. Just make sure you wrap your neck up as tightly as your presents before proceeding: the birthday rituals of vampires are millennia old, and may lead you down stranger paths than you've experienced before...



Through our original productions, we aim to provide exciting work opportunities for new artistic talents. Additionally, all proceeds go towards funding a diverse range of arts-related workshops and classes, hosted by our ever-expanding roster of creative professionals.


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